THE NEXT PAC MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR Monday April 7th at 7:00p.m.

Our PAC is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who work to support students in their learning and our staff in delivering a strong program.  They are active in a variety of ways.  Through their efforts our staff is able to  purchase a variety of learning materials, technology that supports learning, materials for the library, provide field tip opportunities, and enhance a variety of extracurricular teams and clubs.  They meet on a monthly basis, from September to May.  At the meetings, parents have the opportunity to share information regarding  PAC plans and projects, learn about school activities and programs, and become involved in PAC fundraising projects to support  student learning.  Elections for a variety of Executive positions take place in  May.   

The PAC also  hosts such events as the annual  Christmas Breakfast and a family event in the Spring.

Hot Lunches take place throughout the year, as well as an ongoing Milk Program.  Both take place due to the efforts of our PAC.

Parents are an important members of our school community and we welcome their support in helping to make a difference for our students and in helping to keep this school a positive, productive and supportive place to learn and work. See Parent Information  for ways you can be involved.


President - Tamara Muxlow

Vice-President -  Farah Parks

Secretary - Danielle Dades

Treasurer - Teresa Charest

Hot Lunch - Heather Crozier

Fundraising - Susan Nunes


PHECSA - Marla Milne