Welcome to the Classroom!

Hello Division 22 students and families! Welcome to our classroom webpage where you will find activities to support student learning at home. You can also find many of the posted learning activities as attachments at the bottom of this webpage. You can contact me at michael_sparrow@sd33.bc.ca if you need assistance or have questions. Feel free to send me your child's work via email as I love seeing their learning. Take care and stay safe!

Activities this Week:

Spelling Word Wall Week 17 

Prodigy Math

Hour of Code

Epic Books  (Class Code: ldj2136)

Biomes Activity Link

Summarizing Activity Link

Forms of Heat Energy







Reading & Comprehension Activities (20 to 30 minutes per day):



  • Reading and Books Resources - Tumblebooks:


Have students read for 20 minutes a day using the Tumblebooks website: 


There are many great books to read on this site. You can find the login information here: 

          Username: sd33 Password: reads


If students have paper books at home, those are excellent choices to read as well.

  • Reading Reflection Activity:
    • After reading a fiction or non-fiction book, have students draw a picture that connects to what they read and reflect on what they learned. Please see the attached Reading Reflection activity.


  • Visualizing Activity:
    • While reading a book, a great skill to have students utilize is visualizing. This is where they make pictures in their head and draw them as they read or are read to. Students are encouraged to add labels and descriptions to their drawings. Please see the attached visualizing activities: Visualizing and Visualizing Using the Senses. 


  • Summarizing Activity:
    • After reading, students can summarize what they’ve read by completing the attached summarizing work sheet. It is a helpful for students’ comprehension to think about the who, what, when, where, and why of a story.

Writing (20 to 30 mins per day):



I’ve provided a few options for students to practice their writing skills over the next week or so. You can write on paper at home or in a word document and even email it to me if you’d like. I love reading what you are writing! Encourage them to write complete sentences and check for things like capitals and periods. Have fun!


    • Would You Rather? Students can write sentences and answer the following “Would you rather” questions which are attached in this email (Would you Rather Word Document).


    • Journal Entries: Have students write about what they are doing at home such as meals, games, family, playing outside, etc.


    • Create a Story: Have students write a fictional story which can include characters, setting, and a problem. Check out the attached story map to help kids plan out a story before writing.



Math Activities (20 to 30 minutes per day):




  • Multiplication Worksheets
    •  Complete the attached worksheets focusing on multiplication skills (Box Method, Fact Practice, Lego word problems)  as well as a multiplication chart to help with your times tables. These are found at the bottom of the webpage.



  • Number Sense SNAP: The SNAP is a powerful assessment and a way to practice mathematical concepts. Please work through a SNAP a few times a week, choosing a different number between 1 and 1000. I have attached a blank SNAP in this email titled “SNAP Number Sense Practice”. I have also included an exemplar in case you are wondering what a completed SNAP looks like (SNAP Number Sense Examples)




Extra Activities:



  • Library – Please see the Library Home Literacy Resources attachment for lots of library resources that can be accessed from home.


Truth and Reconciliation Day Resources:

Many thanks to Melissa English, our Indigenous EA, who helped provide these resources to students and families.


  • Read Aloud: Amik Loves School: A Story of Wisdom


            - Please see attached art and reflection activity

  • When I was Eight by Christy Jordan Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton


  • Stolen Words by Melanie Florence


  • Orange Shirt Origami Craft