Mrs. Pierson

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Division 6



  • Please return the travelling bags (ziploc bags) every morning. I check the bags for notes, forms, etc. Some nights these bags may come home empty as there is nothing to go home.
  • Once you have read 50 nights with your child, please return the reading log portion to school in order to receive cool prizes! Thursday is our library day!
  • Continue to have your child practice zipping/buttoning his/her coat and backpack, undoing inside out coat sleeves, and changing shoes.
  • If there is information that I need to be aware of a particular morning, please leave a note for me on the clipboard that is just inside our outside classroom door.


Important Dates:

See attached May/June 2019 newsletter...


"My door is always open!" Please feel free to contact me at any time via email, a note in your child's travelling bag, by phone (604.824.4885), or in person.


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