Well September has come and gone. Thank you for all your patience with start up. We had our students in classes on Wednesday September 7 and have been going strong ever since. At this time, we have 621 students in our school all fitting nicely into our 24 divisions. Our 88 kindergarten students have joined in with the rest of our school and recess and lunch. They wear bright coloured pinnies so they are easy to pick out and it helps our staff and students know which class they belong too. It is always fun to see how quickly our little ones learn the routines and become part of our school.
We had our bus evacuation drills, a lesson from Excel Martial Arts and our first celebration assembly.

We are now heading into October and our Virtue of the Month is Thankfulness. We are looking forward to spending time reflecting on what we have to be thankful for. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have lots of time relax and enjoy your family.


9 Back to School Tips!

Here are some back to school tips for parents of kids with learning and attention issues.




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