Strong Learners, Kind Hearts

Our vision is to inspire all to reach their individual potential, become socially responsible citizens and to develop a love of learning.


  • Connecting- positive relationships foster connections, a sense of belonging and inclusiveness
  • Empowering- opportunities inspire and engage students to be responsible learners with a passion to empower themselves and others
  • Learning- a learning environment that is flexible and purposeful allows students to achieve success
  • Thinking- creative and critical thinking leads to new understanding.
Parking Lot Valets- As the weather turns more of you may choose to drive. There is still no parking in our lot but we do have Parking Valets who will be available in the morning to assist K and 1 students. Their job is to greet the little ones, help them out and take them to their line up. Many of our K and 1 students already know where to line up, but it is still nice to be greeted in the morning. 

February was a busy, productive month. The primary students were in full swing learning the songs and actions for the primary concert- BUGZ. We held our Pink Shirt Anti Bully Day assembly and were reminded that we all have the ability to choose our response. The intermediate students created banners that remind of to make positive choices. Be the Kind Kid, Be the Helpful Kid, Be the Nice Kid.  There are some very powerful reminders around our school. The choir did a wonderful job of performing at our assembly. We also welcomed almost 40, 3 and 4 year old children in for our annual Ready, Set, Learn Event. Parents had an opportunity to meet our K teachers and to learn ways to prepare their child for kindergarten. The children spent some time in the gym working through a variety of learning stations. Our Opening Ceremony for the Olympics was fabulous. The students really had an opportunity to experience a very small scale opening ceremony but they were sure excited. Each classroom was a country and they tracked how many medals their country was winning.

Powerful learning continued in classrooms as students strengthened their reading, writing and mathematics skills. Many of our students are working hard to explain their thinking. This means they talk to the teacher or each other about the strategies they are using to solve problems. We work hard to live up to out Motto- Strong Learners, Kind Hearts

 Mrs. Taryn Dixon




My door is always open if you have ideas, questions or concerns you’d like to discuss. 

Taryn Dixon, Principal


The parking lot is much smaller this year and is for Pick Up and Drop Off only. Please see detailed information under Announcements Tab- Parking Lot. We have 2 designated parking spaces for those with handicap tags. Any adult wishing to wait with their child will need to park on the side streets and walk. We will have Griffen Security helping us manage our parking lot. Parents/students are encouraged to walk or wheel to school or arrange for car pick up spots off of the school parking lot site. Thank you so much for your patience and help with this. We are under construction this year and will do our best to keep you up to date. Thank you for your cooperation.

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