Promontory Panthers

Strong Learners, Kind Hearts

Our vision is to inspire all to reach their individual potential, become socially responsible citizens and to develop a love of learning.


  • Connecting- positive relationships foster connections, a sense of belonging and inclusiveness
  • Empowering- opportunities inspire and engage students to be responsible learners with a passion to empower themselves and others
  • Learning- a learning environment that is flexible and purposeful allows students to achieve success
  • Thinking- creative and critical thinking leads to new understanding



Welcome to June! May was a busy full of exciting events such as the Talent Show, Aboriginal Day Celebrations, Mother’s Day Tea, Guitar Performances and many other Gr. 6 activities.

Kinderfair was a huge success. We met with about 70 of our incoming Kindergarten students and their parents/guardians. It was a good opportunity for us to learn a little more about them before they join us in September.

Our virtue for May was Self Discipline. This will continue to be part of our ongoing work. Learning to practice self discipline means having self control. It give all of us the ability to be able to wait patiently, to set goals and to get things done in an orderly and efficient manner. It is ok for all of us to sometime be a little bit board and to be able to manage it.

Our virtue for June is flexibility. Flexibility allows us to consider ideas of others, to be open to change and to find creative ways to solve problems.

We expect our addition to start over the summer and will do our best to provide updates. At this time we all can expect to have severely reduced parking areas so please consider alternate ways to get your child to school- walking, biking or parking on a side street are all great options.

As we wrap up another year I’d like to thank you for your continued support of Promontory Elementary. It is a blessing to be able to work with you, your children and our staff.

Taryn Dixon 

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