Promontory Panthers- Strong Learners, Kind Hearts

 Our vision is to inspire all to reach their individual potential, become socially responsible citizens and to develop a love of learning.


Connecting- positive relationships foster connections, a sense of belonging and inclusiveness

Empowering- opportunities inspire and engage students to be responsible learners with a passion to empower themselves and others

Learning- a learning environment that is flexible and purposeful allows students to achieve success

Thinking- creative and critical thinking leads to new understanding



Principal’s Message

March was a short a short month. Term 2 ended and report cards were sent home. It is our hope that you reviewed the report card with your child and talked about strengths and goals for Term 3. There is still time to do this. We we delighted to see our Intermediate Performance of Joust. Many thank to Mrs. Solomon and to all the students and staff who worked so hard to put on such an incredible performance! Well done Panthers.

Our Virtue for March was Determination. We spent time learning what determination means, what it looks like and how to practice it. Some of our students learned ways to defeat any negative thoughts that pop into their heads when something is difficult.  If they are aware what is happening then they can stop the problem. We practiced saying, “ Oh yes, I Can!” Here is the youtube video if you’d like to watch it.

The virtue for April is Peacefulness. We will learning how to solve problems in peaceful ways and how to remain calm and peaceful even when things are difficult.  Ask your children about the Mindful Moment. We start each day with one and know that it is helping students to feel “ Just right, ready to learn.”

As always my door is open and I look forward to hearing from you.
Taryn Dixon 




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