Tips to Help Prepare your Child for School

I read an article in the paper that I believe provides some really great tips that parents can choose to use to help their child start the year off in the best way possible. I hope you find it helpful.  Here is the link.

Principal's Message

 Take Time to Play

On October 23rd I had an opportunity to attend a Workshop that dealt with Neuroplasticity ( The Brain). There was a lot of valuable information but my favourite learning came when listening to Dr. Shimi Kang. She is the author of a book called The Dolphin Parent. She spoke about the importance of play in all of our lives and especially in the lives of children. According to her “Play is a dose of medication you can’t miss and is linked to our highest level of thinking and functioning.”  When she spoke of play she was speaking mostly about unstructured play; the type of play where children are encouraged to try new and different things without being evaluated. This is different than being in the dance class or on the hockey team. Those build different skills. Children love to spin and twirl and many enjoy the rough and tumble type of play. Play has been shown to be necessary for the development and maintenance of social awareness, cooperation and fairness. It is also lined to innovation, flexibility, adaptability and resiliency. It also a whole lot of fun. So next time you have a few minutes think about just playingJ



Message from Assistant Superintendent Rohan Arul-pragasam- New Information System

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This past July, the Chilliwack School District along with many School Districts across the province transitioned over to a new student information system referred to as MyEducation BC, which replaced the existing student information system known as BCeSIS.

The core functions of MyEducation BC include the management of student demographics, enrolment and attendance, programs and courses, student achievement, individual education and learning plans, and reports.  However, we have experienced some challenges with performance leading up to school startup. The Ministry of Education and Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) have been working on the performance issue and will continue to monitor performance province wide, as we commence a new school year. As a result, we request your patience, especially at the Middle and Secondary School level as we continue to enroll new students and mange course changes for new and existing students.


Chilliwack Principals & Vice Principals Information Video


The Leadership Standards document developed by the BCPVPA Standards Committee is the foundation that underpins the Chilliwack Principals and Vice-Principals ongoing work and leadership in the Chilliwack Community. Please see video link below for more information:


Promontory Heights Elementary Community School opened in November 2000. It is located on Promontory Hill which is below Mount Thom and on the hillside that leads to the Ryder Lake area

It began  as a school of under 300, and over a short period of time, grew to over 600 students and currently enrolls  approximately 580 students. In order to accommodate this many students in a school that was built to enroll 350 students, we utilize seven portables. 

As you can imagine, Promontory Heights Elementary is a busy place. Even though we have 580 students we work hard to maintain a community feel to the school.   Recognition Assemblies bring us together to celebrate successes. Buddy classes, Peer Helpers, Activity Leaders, Helping Hands, Library/Tech helpers, Recycling and Student Lunch Monitors help to keep our primary and intermediate students familiar and in contact with each other. As a community school we are supported in serving the varied needs of our community through afterschool programs hosted by the Promontory Heights Community School Association (PHECSA)

We strive to maintain a positive, cooperative and respectful learning and working environment. Through the efforts of our staff we hope the programs and activities that we provide serve to support your child(ren) in their social, emotional and academic development.  Our school provides many opportunities for our students and families:

  • a variety of class, grade group and school wide special events and activities
  • a number of clubs and teams that participate in District events
  • a focus on social responsibility through our emphasis on STARS
  • a number of programs offered through PHECSA including on site after school daycare (Panther Pen), on site pre school, and a host of afterschool, evening, and summer programs.
  • an active, energetic and committed Parent Advisory Council

We think that Promontory Heights Elementary is a wonderful school and hope that you will find this a great place to be.

Read our latest Newsletter, find out more about our School Programs, check the Calendar, or find relevant Parent and Student information on our website.