Promontory Heights Elementary Community School has a close relationship  with the Promontory Heights Elementary Community School Association (PHECSA).

PHECSA provides a number of after school, evening, weekend and summer opportunities for preschooler, school-aged children and adults throughout the year. Their Office is located in the school, and through our shared facility use, our community has access to many activities located directly in our community.  PHECSA does provide afterschool day care which is located within the school itself and  provides a convenient service to families attending our school.

Our school does have within the building a private preschool, for which information can be provided through the PHECSA Office.

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Contact Information:
Promontory Heights Elementary Community School Association
46200 Stoneview Drive,
Chilliwack, B.C., V2R 5W8


Phone:  604 858 2999
Fax:  604 824 5925

Information & Announcements

Hybrid Learning

A hybrid learning model is the delivery of BC curriculum through a blend of in person and online learning. Development of a hybrid learning model aligns with the Chilliwack School District Strategic Plan to develop strategies to encourage blended learning opportunities and personalization.

Family Accident Reimbursement Plan

Our insurance partner, iA Financial Group, is now offering a new comprehensive accident insurance plan with a critical illness component designed for the whole family. 
The Family Accident Reimbursement Plan is ideal for supplementing costs not covered by your provincial health insurance or existing employer extended health and dental plans. Regardless of the size of your family, all eligible family members can be insured under one set monthly rate.