Division 22


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Curriculum Corner 

Here is a rundown of the topics and material that we are currently working on in class.



English Language Arts (ELA) 


Big Idea: Language and text can be a source of creativity and joy. 

Curricular Competencies addressed: Using a variety of comprehension strategies to deepen understanding of text and applying thinking skills to gain meaning from texts. 

Students are working on building reading stamina and demonstrating their visualizing skills by drawing scenes from a story by memory.   


Big Idea: Using language in creative and playful ways helps us understand how language works. 

Core Competencies addressed: Writing and design processes to plan and create texts for a variety of purposes and developing a writing style by using language in creative and playful ways. 

Students are focusing on prewriting strategies and developing a large portfolio of writing. 

Math graphic


Big Idea: Regular changes in patterns can be identified and represented using tools and tables. 

Curricular Competencies addressed: Number sense up to 10,000 in a variety of ways through pictures, standard, expanded and word form, using multiple addition and subtraction strategies to engage in problem-solving, exploring mathematical understanding through play and inquiry, and examining patterns. 




Big Idea: The motions of the Earth and the moon cause observable patterns that affect living and non-living systems.  

Curricular competencies addressed: Demonstrating curiosity about the natural world, identifying questions about familiar objects and events that can be investigated scientifically, and making predictions based on prior knowledge.  

Students examined how the Earth’s axis, rotation and orbit cause local changes such as day and night and annual seasons. 

A picture of the B.C. Legislature


Social Studies

Big Idea: Demographic changes in North America created shifts in economic and political power.  

Curricular Competencies addressed: Using Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions, gather, interpret and analyze ideas. 

Students are examining the history of the local First Peoples communities and the physiographic features and natural resources of British Columbia.