Welcome to Division 24

The Virtue of the Month - Responsibility 

Being responsible means others can trust you to do things with excellence. You accept accountability for your actions. When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses.

You are practicing responsibility when you:

– Take your agreements seriously,

– Respond ably by doing things to the best of your ability,

– Are willing to do your part,

– Admit mistakes without making excuses,

– Are ready and willing to clear up misunderstandings, and

– Give your best to whatever you do.

Curriculum Corner 

Here is a run down of the topics and material that we are currently covering in class. 



English Language Arts (ELA) 

Reading Strategies: Determining Importance, Summarizing, Synthesizing

Curricular Competency:

  • Access and integrate information and ideas from a variety of sources and from prior knowledge to build understanding
  • Apply a variety of thinking skills to gain meaning from texts

Curricular Content:

  • using contextual clues; using phonics and word structure; visualizing; questioning; predicting; previewing text; summarizing; making inferences

Determining importance means that the reader focuses on what’s most important in the text so that he/she can develop deeper meaning and overall understanding of the text.

Summarizing requires the reader explain the authors main ideas and retell the text using their own words.

Synthesizing requires the reader to take that summary or partial retelling and add in their own thoughts, experiences, opinions, interpretations, and connections to generate a new and bigger idea --it’s going beyond the text.

Home Practice

These strategies can be practiced at home during daily reading by having conversations with your child about their reading and having them retell and discuss what they read.


TumbleBooks is a collection of online reading material. It is worth checking out if you are looking for new and interesting things to read.

 TumbleBooks login info:


Username: sd33 Password: reads



Curricular Competency:

  • Recognize the role of language in personal, social, and cultural identity
  • Use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create texts for a variety of purposes and audiences

Curricular Content:

  • Writing technique - sentence structure and grammar




Curricular Competency:

  • Develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving
  • Develop and use multiple strategies to engage in problem solving

Curricular Content:


Check out some of the fun math games here found on this site:

  • Greg Tang Math Games: In the link below you can find lots of great math games which cover a variety of skills: https://tangmath.com/games






Big Idea: All living things sense and respond to there environment

Curricular Content:

  • biomes are large regions with similar environmental features


A picture of the B.C. Legislature

Social Studies


Big Idea: Interactions between First Peoples and Europeans lead to conflict and cooperation, which continues to shape Canada’s identity.

Curricular Content:

  • early contact, trade, cooperation, and conflict between First Peoples and European peoples