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Curriculum Corner 

Here is a run down of the topics and material that we are currently covering in class. 



English Language Arts (ELA) 

Reading Strategies: Questioning and Making Connections

Curricular Competency:

  • Access and integrate information and ideas from a variety of sources and from prior knowledge to build understanding
  • Use a variety of comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading, listening, or viewing to deepen understanding of text

Curricular Content:

  • using contextual clues; using phonics and word structure; visualizing; questioning; predicting; previewing text; summarizing; making inferences

Questioning is a reading strategy that is taught to students to help them engage with the text. It helps the reader to clarify what he or she is reading and to better understand the text. Asking good questions is a way for students to monitor their own comprehension while reading.

Making connections is a critical reading comprehension strategy that helps students make meaning of what they are reading. When students make connections to the texts that they are reading, it helps them to make sense of what they read, retain the information better, and engage more with the text itself.
Students can make connections between:

  •  the text and themselves
  •  the text and another text
  •  the text and the world around them

Home Practice

These strategies can be practiced at home during daily reading. Having conversations about questions and connections you have to the text will help develop rich discussions and help to reenforce the strategy. 


TumbleBooks is a collection of online reading material. It is worth checking out if you are looking for new and interesting things to read.

 TumbleBooks login info:


Username: sd33 Password: reads



Curricular Competency:

  • Use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create texts for a variety of purposes and audiences

Curricular Content:

  • Paragraph structure - the use of a topic sentence and supporting detail




Curricular Competency:

  • Develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving

Curricular Content:

Ordering and comparing fractions

  • comparing and ordering of fractions with common denominators
  • estimating fractions with benchmarks (e.g., zero, half, whole)
  • using concrete and visual models
  • equal partitioning

Check out some of the fun math games here found on this site:

  • Greg Tang Math Games: In the link below you can find lots of great math games which cover a variety of skills: https://tangmath.com/games





Term 3 Outcomes

Big Idea: Energy can be transformed

Sample questions to support inquiry with students:

What is energy input and energy output?
What is energy conservation?
What is the relationship between energy input, output, and conservation?

A picture of the B.C. Legislature

Social Studies

Term 3 Outcomes

Big Idea: British Columbia followed a unique path in becoming a part of Canada