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The Virtue of the Month - Honesty

Honesty means telling the truth, even when it's hard. It's important to be honest so that people can trust us.

Curriculum Corner 

Here is a run down of the topics and material that we are covering in the third term.



English Language Arts (ELA) 

Reading Strategies: Questioning, Making Connections, and Transformation

Big Idea: Exploring stories and other texts helps us to understand ourselves and make connections to others and the world.

Curricular Competencies addressed: Using personal experience and knowledge to connect to text and deepen understanding of self, community, and the world and exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.


TumbleBooks is a collection of online reading material. It is worth checking out if you are looking for new and interesting things to read.

 TumbleBooks login info:


Username: sd33 Password: reads


Big Idea: Language can be used in creative and playful ways to help us understand how language works.

Curricular Competencies addressed: The exchange of ideas and perspectives to build shared understanding and to transform ideas and information to create original texts.




Big Idea: Regular changes in patterns can be identified and represented using tools and tables and how fractions and decimals are types of numbers that can represent quantities.

Curricular Competencies addressed: Developing and using multiple strategies to engage in problem solving, explaining and justifying mathematical ideas and decisions and reflecting on mathematical thinking. 

Check out some of the fun math games here found on this site:

Math Chase x2

Match Up x3

Balloon Pop x4





Big Idea: Energy can be transformed.

Curricular Competencies addressed: Identifying simple environmental implications of their and others’ actions, contributing to care for others through collaborative approaches, and representing and communicating ideas and findings in a variety of ways.




A picture of the B.C. Legislature

Social Studies

Big Idea: The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people and communities of Canada. 

Curricular Competencies addressed: Making ethical judgments about events, decisions, and actions that consider the conditions of a particular time and place.